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A home where true love and care is shared… experience it…

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Rev. Fr. Alex Chakkalayil, born as the sixth son of Chakkalayil Thommen and Thresia at Melukavumattom in Kottayam Dt on 29th January 1948 and joined the Seminary after his school education. He was active in the church since his Sunday school days. There were no priests in the families of his parents, still he wanted to be a priest. He studied philosophy and theology at Pontifical Seminary, Vadavathoor, and was ordained priest on 1st February, 1980 by H.B. Basselios Poulose II, Catholicose of the Malankara Jacobite Syrian Church. In 1989, he joined the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church and served as vicar in several churches of Kunnamkulam Diocese. In 2000, Fr. Alex Chakkalayil began Marymatha Boys Cottage for poor and helpless boys. It was in spite of adversities that he brought this boys cottage. His strong determination and boldness along with his belief in God led him to heights. Some magnanimous people were with him to go forward. He was a marvelous organizer and an ideal priest. His high thoughts always made him different from others. Formerly he brought up the destitute in his own house. He was with them sharing the same food and roof. He considered them as his own children. He was a man of enthusiasm, a true lover of nature and a good farmer. He was in the grip of Motor Neuron Disease for his last three years. He showed the endurance of Jesus Christ and Mother Mary in his sufferings and never complained. He was in his wheel chair to meet the visitors with his usual smile. He believed that God has given him ‘a ministry of being rather than a ministry of doing’.


On 1st May 2010, Fr. Alex was rushed to the Allied Hospital, Arthat with breathing and swallowing difficulty. He didn’t loose his memory till his last breath. He was 63. On May 6th 2010, Fr. Alex Chakkalayil departed us to begin his eternal life. Tearful farewell to Fr. Alex Chakkalayil The funeral of Fr. Alex Chakkalayil (63), one of the most respected and renowned priest in Kunnamkulam, who passed away on 6th May 2010, was held at St. Mary’s Orthodox Syrian Church, Arthat, Kunnamkulam, in the presence of H.B. Poulose Mar Milithios Metropolitan, Catholicose Designate of Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church and a large number of priests and faithful thousands. H.G. Joseph Mar Coorilos Valiya Metropolitan paid homage to the deceased priest. On request of a great number of his well-wishers, the body of Alexachen, was kept at various churches at Kunnamkulam. Everywhere a large number of faithful gathered to have a glimpse and bid farewell to their beloved Alexachen. He showed politeness and courtesy to all without differentiating the laity from clergy, the poor from the rich and the young from the old. By upholding the true faith and practices, he exhibited unwavering stand which every member of the Church should make a model. We who knew him will miss him greatly.

The Legacy of
Mary Matha Boys Cottage

In 1994, Fr. Alex Chakkalayil became the vicar of Mar Basselious Mar Gregorios Orthodox Syrian Church, Moolepat, Pengamuck, he was seriously ill. It was a period of agony and distress for him. In his extreme poverty he cried to God. He attended retreats and became strong in mind and in his ecstasy he enjoyed the presence of the Holy Spirit. He confessed before God and forgave his enemies. Amazingly Fr. Alex recovered his health. Some of the brothers from the retreat center predicted that he should start a home for the destitute. With this idea in mind but without economic sources to step forward, he wept in grief. He thought of fulfilling God’s wish. He continued his fasting and prayers.

At last Rev. Fr. C.V. Abraham, Pazhanji inaugurated the institution officially on 02-02-2000. Since this institution was a divine plan of God some generous people appointed by God came forward with help. Fr. Alex ever respected Saints and he has a special attachment to Virgin Mary and St. Joseph. It was from an august vision that he prefixed Boys Cottage to Marymatha i.e., Marymatha Boys Cottage.
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  • Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will reward them for what they have done. Proverbs 19:17.
Marymatha Boys Cottage is a shelter for the destitute children. It is situated at Aanakkallu, Perumpilavu, around 7 kilometers away from Kunnamkulam, Thrissur Dt. 50 inmates are here devoid of any discrimination of caste or creed, staying under one roof like the children of same mother. Most of the children of our cottage lost their parents as they committed suicide because of debt, poverty, illness, and negligence. Students are accepted and cherished as they are, and are encouraged to grow in their culture as well as in their valued social and religious traditions.


Our inmates include:


The general administration of the Boys Cottage is vested in the general body of Marymatha Charitable Society. There is a managing committee of seven members, elected by the general body, to carry out the daily programs of the Boys Cottage. The managing committee does its duties as per the decisions of the general body.


The inmates are provided with adequate facilities. They are given good food, better clothing's, high hygienic surroundings, proper education, necessary treatments and above all affection and realization of truth.
Recreational Facility:
Watching television, indoor and outdoor games helps to relax their minds. Talents are identified and specially trained.
We have a library of books and educational CDs for reference.
Group Sessions:
Discussions and debates on different topics after reading the news papers help the inmates to speak out their opinions. Special awareness classes on personal hygiene, positive mental health, and stress management are given on a regular basis. Occasionally the children are taken out for picnics which gives them pleasure and knowledge.
Prayers is another method used to calm their minds. They find peace and joy through prayer and practice of silence. We conduct, Yoga, meditation and physical exercises to relax their mind and body.
Cultural Programmes:
There are inmates who are talented in acting, singing, mono act etc. The anniversary celebrations, Independence Day, Onam, Christmas, Eid and other festivities offer them ample opportunities to perform. The performances include multi religious and multilingual variety items. Let us all join and work together to bring up these children as better citizens of tomorrow.
There are so many stories to tell you about our boys, their life before, their life with us, and their life after being with us. Here are just a few of our successful stories:

1.Sourath and Sourav

Siva and Sakthi Velu are brothers from Tamil Nadu. They lost their mother in 2002 November. They lived in the roadside of Kunnamkulam with their father who was a drunkard. They hadn’t got proper care and sufficient food. They begged for food through the hotels and shops. When they came here on 2003 January, they were five and two years of age respectively. We called Siva as Sourath (Thampi) and Sakthi Velu as Sourav. Fr. Alex loved them and they loved him in turn. They have an inborn ability to drawing and painting. They attended drawing competitions and succeeded. Their beloved achen’s death saddened them very much.

2.Bibin Baby

Bibin Baby was 12 years old, when he was brought to Marymatha Boys Cottage. He had his schooling at MJD high School. He took his B.A. Degree from M D College, Pazhanji and did some computer courses. He was a good NCC cadet during graduation time. In August 2011, he got the selection from Indian Army and now he is working as Soldier Clerk.

3.Anoop Joy

When Anoop Joy was 12 years old, he came to Marymatha. He became school first in his SSLC exam without any tuition. After PLUS TWO, he joined B.Tech in Information Technology at Govt. Engineering College, Sreekrishnapuram, Palakkad.

4.Robin K.T

Robin K.T joined us in 2003 when he was 10 years. He was much interested in geometrical drawing and applied construction in Mathematics. At last he won the 2nd prize in state level exhibition in applied construction of mathematics. He completed plus two in commerce. We are proud to report that few from Marymatha Boys Cottage have completed graduation and are now pursuing higher courses.
MARYMATHA CHARITABLE SOCIETY is a non-profit, non-religious, and non-governmental organization. It is registered as 415/2002 according the 12th Travancore - Cochin Literature, Science and Charitable Institution Registration Act of 1955. Our head office is functioning at Perumpilavu, Thrissur Dist, Kerala, India. The area of operation of this Society extends all over India.


The general administration of the society is vested in the general body. There is a managing committee of seven members to carry out the daily programs of the society. The managing committee does its duties as per the decisions of the general body.


The objectives of Marymatha Charitable Society is to build charitable organizations in Kerala as well as all over India such as orphanages, old age homes, hospitals, night club for wandering street boys, home for the kids abandoned by their mothers and